Rental Markets in Nairobi

Nairobi has the best rental yields in Kenya making up to 10 and 12 instances more when compared with other city and rural regions. The rental current market in Nairobi has been so profitable that even indecent dwelling units, this sort of as slums and squatter settlements, are attracting rent as substantially as Ksh2,500 for 10 by 10 single rooms.

The new enhance in rental prices in Nairobi has built the city one of the most rewarding assets marketplaces globally.

The rental sector in Nairobi is pushed by the escalating housing deficits in Nairobi stimulated by increased rural-to-urban migration, main organization headquarters, governing administration ministries, industries and institutions are found in this article. So, what are the present industry developments in Nairobi?

Availability of Rental Properties within just Nairobi’s CBD

Obtaining ideal rental lodging inside the CBD is like obtaining a pearl, and after you obtain one particular, you have to element with sizeable quantities of revenue to purchase it.

Rental properties here bring in fees referred to as “goodwill” and can be as much as Ksh500,000 for 3 by 6 professional spaces

The competitiveness of the homes here compels property homeowners to talk to for quarterly or semiannual deposit fees as a substitute of the normal 1 or 2 months rental deposits

  • If you are renting business/commercial space, be certain to choose into account further parking service fees considering that qualities in the CBD hardly ever have individual parking locations
  • Confined space in just the CBD has prompted property proprietors to partition the readily available spaces into smaller sized business spaces commonly regarded as stalls, they can accommodate a better amount of persons and organizations whilst attracting greater rental yields

Availability of Rental Attributes outside Nairobi’s CBD

A expanding most loved amongst home traders in Nairobi are properties outside the house the CBD in the suburbs. They are speedily overtaking CBD-positioned properties in conditions of rental yields. This is due to the fact they are not only cheaper to hire but also they are simply accessible and have a lot more than enough areas for compounds and parking lots.

  • Majority of middle course choose suburban houses
  • House progress together big highways these as Thika Superhighway and Mombasa Highway etc., are getting root in Nairobi because of to their straightforward obtain to the metropolis middle
  • The fascination in these properties by investors has pushed the rental charges to highs of 14.2% per year
  • The elevated inflow of expatriates into Nairobi who goal to capitalize on rising organization opportunities across the East African location has contributed to the skyrocketing rents in Nairobi’s high-conclude homes
  • Mushrooming are less costly but magnificent rental properties inside higher-close neighborhoods, this has resulted in more tenants from upper course transferring in and changing middle course, creating these rental homes meant for middle course, high priced for the latter to afford.


  • The major sort of tenancy in Nairobi is periodic tenancy. Homes are leased periodically (just about every month or each year) right until the tenancy is terminated.

Nairobi has:

  • Small-cash flow tenants who dwell in indecent dwellings this sort of as shanties (rented for as little as Ksh250 for sleeping areas)
  • Decrease, middle-income tenants paying Ksh40,000 for a 1 BR residence
  • Upper middle and high income earners who can find the money for from Ksh50,000 – 300,000 for maisonettes

Rental Yields

In comparison to other earth cities this kind of as Hong Kong, Nairobi’s rental costs are more cost-effective. Nevertheless, the rental produce in Nairobi is on normal 7%. Additionally:

  • Rental development for higher-conclusion gated flats are as significant as 10 – 20% for every 12 months
  • Rental expenses for high-end townhouses are among Ksh300,000 – 378,000 just about every thirty day period minus 16% VAT
  • Houses together highways this kind of as along Thika Superhighway have lately captivated a 50% rise in rental expenses

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